Tuesday, February 26, 2013

10 things I learnt in my Baby's first Year

1. Full baby proofing is impossible : Every day you think you hve accomplished this task and the next second ur baby will find a loop hole on the existing or new hole itself.
2. Use the baby clothes you like more often : We always end up saving the clothes we like for special occasions. With babies growth spurts, clothes dont last more than a month. So make him wear what you like so that you get to see him in them rather than just donating them.
3. Getting pricy toys are a waste : kids believe in newness n quanity at this stage. They get more attracted to new things. So grab more of less pricy but hygenic toys for them to keep them occupied. It also a good idea to hide toys for a week and give them back. They will enjoy.
4. Potty training : You can potty train a baby starting when he is a few months old. Any repetative actions - your kid learns it fast.
5. Introducing solid foods: While introducing solid foods don't only give them sweet foods but we should help them taste other foods too. This not only gives them a new taste but also habituates him to other kind of foods.
6. There is such thing as a "mothers instinct" : Never doubt a mother's instinct as its always right.
7. Getting frustrated, even angry with your babies crying is completely normal.Listening to your crying bbay can be very frustrating, especially, after you have tried everything you can think of to calm him. Thus it is time to take a break. The best thing you can do for your baby is to get away from the crying for a while and calm down or ask help from your partner or family.

8. Every baby is unique and precious so are their milestones. Studies have proved that many factors, including genetics, influence when a child reaches a milestone. So avoid getting into this comparison traps instead watch for progression.

9. Kids are smarter than you can imagine. So you have learn from there tricks and watch out.

10. Gear up for the next year challenges.

Monday, January 7, 2013

My First momiversary : A quick recap

It's exactly 10 days to go when my little Aaron turns 1, also marking my first momiversary - one year from the day when I got promoted as a mom. This would be the day when he formally enters the toddler phase. His age would be counted in years rather than months. As we deck up to celebrate this milestone , I thought of jotting down a quick recap of the last 12 months as a mother. It's hard to understand where to start when writing about it. It was just fantastic watching him grow, learn, explore etc. He brightened the lives of so many in the short 12 months he has been with us. I am yet to believe that I will soon be the mother of a 1 year old.

It feels like just yesterday, the joy and excitement we felt when we had the first glimpse of our tiny, fragile 'pink baby'. His first cry was like music to our ears, announcing his safe arrival. This was just the beginning of a wonderful journey with our little bundle of joy. As our journey began with our new role as parents, we felt abundance of joy day after day - hour after hour. I had always heard job of a mom is the hardest in the world but I should say that I had a more relaxed  motherhood than I ever imagined or was told about.  I don't mean that I did'nt have hard days, I too had : 
  • sleepless nights
  • spent all night sitting on a couch
  • been pooped  at, peed at, spit-up on ( that too many times just after bath)
  • the word 'schedule' removed from our life
  • short bursts of temper
  • a cluttered house
  • no long drives or vacations
  • baby proofing
  • skipped meals... 
but it was more of adjusting moments for all three of us.. binu( hubby), myself and Aaron. Aaron spread so much positive energy that evey bad day turned out to be a happy day. It was so much of joy to start the day watching Aaron. He was indeed a very happy and adjusting baby & so was his dad, an amazing Dad who gave unconditional support to me. Parenting would have never been so smooth without both of them. The moments spent with Aaron are the best ever experience that are far beyond words. Now when I look back at Aaron's day 1 pic, those super fragile hands and that little cute feet it just wets my eyes.

To all the new mom's or expecting mothers -> you would have been always reading of the challenges of bringing up a baby. So for a change let me try
to jot down the wonderful joys that overweighs those 1000s of  challenges : 
  • I learnt to love some one before he arrived
  • Counted days , hrs before I had his first glimpse
  • It was a joyous moment when I first touched him
  • Felt out of the world when he held my hands for the first time
  • its awesome to feel his sweet breath on ur face, when he sleeps
  • the several hugs and cuddles from him just energises you
  • I loved watching him sleep 
  • His first smile filled the air with love and joy
  • He says "mama" and your heart melts with joyful tears rolling
  • His generous tight kisses showed his unconditional love
  • His searching eyes for me which say that "you are the most important person in my life"
  • He stops crying when he sees me showing his unconditional trust
  • His laughs and playtime during bath
  • His first time standing-up without support
  • His first walk
  • the very first time he tried to feed himself
  • the first time he offered to share his food with me
  • family meals with him
  • n so goes the long list .....................
All these wonderful experiences just energize you to face the challenges.

As I celebrate my first momiversary, I also want to tell you about how the role of a mother has pushed me far beyond my limits. I have felt exhausted but yet
energetic. I have spent hours and hours on internet and books looking for answers, guidance which did magic at times. I have walked patting him a 100 times to put him to sleep. Held him in comforting hands through his illness with prayers all night. Updated facebook with hundreds of his pics and posts. I watched, talked , recorded his 'french'(to me atleast!) language. I have swelled with pride, joy and awe always when I got compliments for Aaron being a sweet and happy baby. Had lot of heartaches on his falls and learnt lessons on ground. With all this, this year was indeed the best of my life - no wonder the time just flew ! :)

 I thank god for blessing me with such a wonderful angel and a loving partner. They are the world to me.
Dad n Mom together wish 'our life, our Aaron baby' a Very Happy Birthday. Wishing him good health, prosperity and happiness today and all the days to come.  We love you.